Witches and Saints






Can I bellow “CUMMING” the same way I bellow “SWINTON”?

I remain skeptical.

yes, yes you can.

Also gentlemen, take note: this is how you age spectacularly.

I view him and SWINTON as the benevolent, saucy, ambiguous godparents we ALL need. 


And in that moment, everybody in the theater let out a huge sigh of relief as they realized what had just happened; for the first time in forever there was no forced romance between the protagonists in an action movie. 
The heavens finally answered the prayers of the people. 



I wish we’d gotten to see more of Hawke’s life in Hightown.  The comedy writes itself.

Servants dispatched to try and get Bodahn talking about which of Hawke’s scandalous friends she’s banging this week.

Hawke inviting the local nobles over for a party because it will please Leandra, trying hard to be proper and not make an ass of herself.  Every rich person in Kirkwall assuming that this is going to be some wild sexy Lowtown-style bacchanalia and chomping at the bit for an orgy.

Hawke’s dog strutting around the neighborhood, followed by a dozen pampered lapdog groupies and a throng of suspiciously ugly pups. 

The community association getting upset about the way Hawke just leaves bodies laying around in the street when she’s done murdering them.  Yes, they’re happy to be rid of those gangs, but now vultures are constantly circling the main square, and does Hawke even know what that does to their property values.

Baby-faced warrior wannabes who come to Hawke’s place asking to be part of her posse, b/c they’ve heard all about her and want to be just like her when they grow up. Hawke sending them over to Fenris’s house to bug him b/c she thinks that shit’s hilarious.

Hawke calling in a construction company after the events of the Awiergan Scrolls b/c the entrance to that thing was the back entrance to the Hawke Estate and fuck no there are not going to be demons traipsing through her house, she just got the tapestries cleaned.

The brightly-colored twine tied to the handle of Hawke’s front door, leading circuitously all the way down to Lowtown and Merrill’s front door. Strangely nobody ever trips over it or gets tangled up, and it never breaks or gets cut.

Isabela writing “for a good time go to the Hawke Estate in Hightown” in all the privy stalls in every pub, brothel, and dive in Lowtown and Darktown.

Hiya! So I see that you love pacific rim, I do too and Mako Mori is like one of my favourite characters, but I can't help but to notice that her character revolves around being Pentecost's step(?) daughter to Raleigh's partner. And I guess that doesn't really sit well with me cos she appears to have her own story but when I think of it this way it's not? What do you think?


There’s already a bunch of good meta on this which I can’t, for the life of me find BUT:

  • there’s a difference between having a relationship and being REDUCED to that relationship
  • her relationship with Stacker is really important, but HE dies so that SHE can prove herself and save the world, not the other way around. Father-son relationships/Mentor-mentee relationships (think Star Wars) have been at the heart of many major sci-fi films, and the fact that Mako has a very close, important relationship with a black adoptive father is SO SO IMPORTANT
  • she does have her own story. the entire important flashback with her and the red shoe is all 100% her story. what i would’ve liked would be more of Mako reminiscing about her parents/WHY she’s so hell-bent on revenge. but nonetheless. she’s the one with the revenge arc and the “talented passionate rookie proves herself” arc, which is classic hero’s journey. 
  • yeahhhhh i’ve seen (MANY) movies where a woman is reduced to a man’s partner/love interest and Pacific Rim doesn’t really fit the bill at all. I agree that on first showing, Raleigh is really front-and-center. He’s the narrator, he talks a fucking lot, Mako’s quieter etc. But he also doesn’t really have anything he’s fighting for? He pretty much gets over his brother’s death and kind of follows Mako around like a puppy and helps her fulfill her revenge arc and when she faints he tells her that “she did all the hard stuff all he has to do is fall” ;_____;
  • it’s a VERY Western concept the idea that strength = independence. Think about this. Think about this long and hard. Strength =/= independence. Especially since as a movie, pacific rim promotes cooperation as NECESSARY for survival, and Jaegers are all piloted with two pilots that have romantic/platonic/familial bonds. Mako doesn’t have to be independent from Stacker to be strong. She has a close bond with her foster father, and still respects his decisions (“It’s not obedience, it’s respect”). She’s tied to him and their relationship is what gives her strength. She, in turn, inspires and is inspired by Raleigh. And their relationship gives her strength. As an Asian-American woman I can attest that Asian cultures (Mako is Japanese) really do emphasis cooperation/respect/sacrifice rather than personal glory. It’s actually fine for Mako to be as quiet and humble as she is, because unlike Chuck she doesn’t want/need to yell in front of cameras to make a statement, she’s fine with just dying quietly for the sake of a better world.  You can be an action girl hero by being loud and swaggering and better than the men and that’s fine (it’s what I headcanon Sasha’s character to be anyways). You can be an action girl hero by being understated and driven and respectful and that’s also fine. 

Pacific Rim is by no means perfect and there were many points where I, too, wished they would emphasize/focus on Mako more. But I think it’s really underselling the significance and importance of her character, for women and especially Asian-American women, by saying that her narrative revolved around Stacker/Raleigh. 


I had an itch to draw the Dragon Age 2 crew, and after an unforgivable number of weeks and an almost admirable lack of artistic direction, here it is.

My brother baihu13 paired everybody off, so take it up with him.

Those are the Hansens – Chuck and Herc. Australian Aboriginal pilots, a father and son team. They’ve got Striker Eureka, the fastest jaeger in the world, first and last of the Mark V’s.

with Rowan McNamara as Chuck & Aaron Pedersen as Herc
[…] If Snowpiercer had merely told the tale of an oppressed working class rising up to seize power from an evil overlord, it would already have been an improvement over most of the political messages in mainstream cinema. There are all sorts of nice touches in its portrayal of a declining capitalism that can maintain its ideological legitimacy even when it literally has no more bullets in its guns.

But the story Bong tells goes beyond that. It’s about the limitations of a revolution which merely takes over the existing social machinery rather than attempting to transcend it. And it’s all the more effective because the heart of that critique comes as a late surprise, from a character we might not expect.

[…] All too often, explicitly political art fails as both art and politics. Socialists shouldn’t put up with half-assed imitations of popular genres, nor with political messages denuded of anything but the lowest common denominator.

What makes Snowpiercer satisfying is that it commits neither error. It’s an engrossing and stylish movie, and its underlying themes go beyond merely pointing out class exploitation to challenge the logic of capital. It’s a movie that should be seen as widely as possible, if only so that Bong Joon-ho gets more chances to make movies for English-speaking audiences that badly need them.


did we all just collectively forget that elijah wood was in spy kids 3


- Guards! He’s laughing again! You can’t keep me locked up with a laughing person!